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Celebrating a Milestone Episode of The Path Forward Podcast™

Augie and all past guests of the podcast

As we mark a significant milestone with twelve episodes of The Path Forward Podcast©, it's time to reflect on the incredible journey we've shared with our listeners. Hosted by the insightful and compassionate Augie, this special episode is a heartfelt journey down memory lane, featuring some of the most impactful moments and quotes from our past discussions.

Whether you're a new listener seeking a summary or a dedicated follower reminiscing about the best moments, this episode has something for everyone. Augie thoughtfully curates clips from previous episodes, highlighting the powerful stories and valuable insights we've gathered along the way. From uplifting personal narratives to transformative advice, these snippets encapsulate the essence of our mission.

But it's not just about looking back. Augie also shares his visionary outlook for the future of The Path Forward Podcast©, reaffirming our dedication to supporting currently and formerly incarcerated individuals and their families. His commitment to making a positive impact shines through, assuring our community that we are here to help and inspire.

So, whether you're catching up or looking ahead, join us for this special episode. It's a celebration of our shared journey and a preview of the exciting path forward.


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