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The 2nd Opportunity Re-entry Program

Our program comprises five video-based courses, tailored to enhance skills crucial for success: employment readiness, financial literacy, life skills, career paths, and re-entry. These courses are available in both English and Spanish, ensuring accessibility for a broader audience. Upon completion of each course, students receive a certificate of achievement, validating their commitment and mastery of essential knowledge.

A Path Forward© 

Our first course focuses on on the barriers of re-entry, emphasizing employment, interview preparation, communication skills, conflict resolution, rational thinking, and dealing with trauma.   

Part 1: Getting to the Heart of the Matter includes long-term impacts of trauma, posttraumatic growth, economic empowerment model

Part 2: Finding a Meaningful Career includes rules for success, identifying potential career interests, career goal pyramid

Part 2: Learning the Tools for Success includes a functional resume, communication skills, interview prep, teamwork, and conflict resolution


A Path to Financial Freedom© 

This course is a financial literacy program that provides the fundamentals needed to function in today’s financial world. It covers basic skills like budgeting, credit, and housing.

Part 1: First Things First includes Financial goals, banking basics, creating a budget, housing

Part 2: Moving Forward Includes understanding credit, managing credit cards, predatory lending, insurance, taxes


Values-Aligned Goal Setting© 

Augie's personal favorite - this third course helps individuals move forward by determining their values and setting meaningful short-term goals they can leverage into long-term success.

Part 1: The "Why" includes setting goals, personal success, personal responsibility, self-forgiveness, values
Part 2: The “What” includes different types of goals, determining your bedrock goal and building goals
Part 3: The “How” includes self-discipline, time management, habits and rewards


A Path to Advanced Skills© 

This course is designed to raise awareness of the apprenticeship programs that are offered while in state and federal prisons and upon release.

Part 1: Everyone has Skills includes defining advanced skills, career paths, A Parallel Path, doing productive time

Part 2: Proven Paths to Success includes apprenticeship programs, Department of Labor, job centers/job links


A Path to Higher Education© 

Our last course explains the different options available to currently and formerly incarcerated individuals in pursuit of higher education, including Pell Grants.  

Part 1: Is Higher Education Right for Me? includes benefits, challenges and barriers of higher education

Part 2: Paying for your Education includes types of programs, Pell Grants, FAFSA



Our activity book known as Personal Re-entry Plan serves as a companion to the program, offering a structured and interactive format to enhance students’ learning experience. It includes all the activities and reflection questions presented in the courses.


The Companion Workbook includes the activities and questions, plus the key principles and lessons from the courses, ensuring a deeper understanding and practical application of the concepts.


Regardless of which book students use, by the end of the program, they will have a clear plan for their re-entry that they can take home.


Take a sneak peek into the program


2nd Opp Student

"This program is very helpful and breaks things down to a science. It also will prep you by pointing you in the right direction of the things you want to pursue."


2nd Opp Student

"I can't thank you enough for the help and insight that your program gave me. It also gave me a drive to achieve more."


2nd Opp Student

“2nd Opportunity gave me a chance, a choice when I got out, of what I wanted to do with my life.”
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