Billy Norwood

I would like to return to a world that is at peace, a world of healing. And a world of love. A nation that is equal to all, no matter what colors you are or racism because we all are human in God’s eyes. A world that is willing to give me or you a “second chance” at a happy life as a citizen of the U.S.A.

We all did things that we are not so happy about in life, some of us gotta away with it, and some’s of us gotta caught. Did God judge you for what you did? No, he gave you another chance to make it right…

I would like to be able to get a job, be able to live happy, be able to be a better man, father, son, husband, grandfather, and be a blessing to my peers.

I, Billy Norwood 301254, am not looking for a handout, but looking for a chance at life. I want to “earn” what I get in life: a new beginning, a job, housing, good credit, a wonderful church, and a reentry so powerful…


Billy Norwood

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